Free 5-lesson intensive. Quality, intensity, results.

Give your joints, back, balance and posture

Foto: ©Robert Golden/IFF

a flexibility and strength turbo boost.

Sense, refine, and change how you move in five days.

Five dynamic

Foto: ©Robert Golden/IFF

Feldenkrais® lessons

Foto: ©Ben Parsons

in five days.

Foto: ©Robert Golden/IFF

Daily, 9.00-9.50 am (Berlin), (8.00-8.50 am London), from Monday 25th to Friday 29th January 2021. 

These classes are suited for people who are in good health and who have no severe movement difficulties. If you are unsure if it is for you, send me a message.

And, because it’s January and because it will brighten up your mood and because we all need a little solidarity and a gentle push forwards, I am offering this experience for free.

Attendance to this Zoom event is on a first come, first served basis. Click on the button to contact me or send me a message on the email or phone number that you’ll see at the very, very bottom of this page. Zoom login details will be sent a few days in advance of the first session.

Let’s move!

Best wishes, Ben

© Ben Parsons. Certified Feldenkrais Method teacher.

Photo (happy) by Candice Picard on Unsplash

Photo (sitting) by Jonathan Sebastiao on Unsplash

Banner photo & collage photos ©Ben Parsons

1 Kommentar zu „Free 5-lesson intensive. Quality, intensity, results.

  1. Although I could only attend 3 of the 5 sessions, it was quite an experience to slowly see and feel what we can do with our body. Suddenly the seemingly complicated movements ‚click‘ and flow into each other for a fairly smooth movement. I had a very ‚airy‘ and light feeling after one of the sessions, the whole body is more flexible, relaxed and tired (but it’s a good tired feeling).


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