Free Functional movement intensive for neck, back and shoulders

„I’ve got three daughters and they all said, What’s with you? You’ve grown taller. I’m 6 foot 3 inches tall.“ KB, finance manager, UK.

To participate in the free „5 in 5 Intensive Introduction“, get the details by clicking here. The Zoom link will be sent a few days ahead of the event.

I regularly teach 5 intensive functional movement lessons in 5 days for free to give people a taste of how great this work can be. The participants love it because it is focussed, intense, and creates results. And it’s free! The next session starts March 15th till March 19th 2021.

Five 50 minutes sessions in five days. A foundation of five essential functional movement lessons to create flexibility, strength, balance and to relieve muscle tension.

At the end you will have moved every part of your body to create better flexibility of the joints, to ease tightness in the back, neck and shoulders, and to begin to change your movement habits. The results, to be able to sit, work and move with comfort ease and grace.

What is it and how does it work? Specially chosen movement exercises are done with awareness. The awareness lets you see and sense how you are moving. Instant feedback: the instructor spotlights changes you can make to move better and more efficiently. The awareness feeds the brain, leading to instant modification in how you do a movement. Immediately your automatic movement creates newer, better habits durably. Therefore the focus is both on exercise and on permanent habit change. A win today, a win tomorrow. The exercises are Feldenkrais® Method functional movement training.

„I found it very interesting to see the progression from a restrained movement at the beginning to the instant where everything falls into place and the movement of the whole body becomes coordinated.“ ML, Restoration expert, Geneva.

Who is the course for?

This course is for people who have not found the solution they are looking for from other exercise programs, perhaps because they do not focus on the person as an individual, and are just standardised exercises. Therefore for people who want to sense, understand and change how they move. Also for people who want to learn functional movement. For those who want to improve comfort and reduce back, neck or other pains. And finally for people who already know the Feldenkrais® Method and want an intensive dive to refresh themselves.

Free introduction

I regularly offer short intensives in functional movement training. Why? Because many people are stuck indoors, need to be active but don’t know what resources there are. Also, because coming together strengthens mental well being and boosts mood. And finally because functional movement training is very effective and I like to let more people experience it. So click on the link, rearrange a few of your evening appointments for just one short week, make the commitment, and give it a try. You won’t regret it.

When and how?

From Monday 15th – Friday 19th March, daily at 7.30pm GMT/ London, 8.30pm CET/Berlin, 16.30 BRT/Brasilia. Sessions take place using Zoom. You need a webcam/computer, an exercise mat or blanket, and regular comfy clothing. That’s all.

To participate, register using this link. The Zoom link will be sent a few days ahead of the event.

„Although I could only do parts of the lesson today, the effect is incredible. My slipped disk is barely painful at all.“ Reimond, retired business executive, Cologne.

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  1. First session done, four more to go. 13 happy participants. Lots of feedback, including: „I certainly feel I’m sitting much better. Woo. Just from one session.“


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