Functional movement to improve neck, back or shoulder pain rapidly

"I've got three daughters and they all said, 'What's with you? You've grown taller.' I'm 6 foot 3 inches tall." KB, finance manager.

I recently taught 5 intensive functional movement lessons in 5 days. The participants loved it because it was focussed, intense, and created results. So I am doing it again, with a different theme this time.

Five 50 minutes sessions in five days. A foundation of five essential Feldenkrais® lessons. Essential lessons to create flexibility and relieve muscle tension.

"I found it very interesting to see the progression from a restrained movement at the beginning to the instant where everything falls into place and the movement of the whole body becomes coordinated." ML, Restorer.

At the end you will have moved every part of your body in unimaginable ways to create new flexibility between the joints, ease tightness in stiff muscles in the back, neck and shoulders, and begin to permanently change your movement habits so that you can sit, work and move for longer without provoking the same stiffness again.

Who is the course for?

This course is both for people who want quick results improving flexibility, mobility, stiffness and discomfort. Also for people who want to do functional movement training. And finally for people who know Feldenkrais and want to an intensive session.

Free introduction

Because we are indoors so much and not moving enough, I am offering this for free to give everyone a helping hand to move forward, make a change, or work on their problem area.

Time and date

From Monday 1st – Friday 5th March, daily at 7.30pm GMT/ London, 8.30pm CET/Berlin, 16.30 BRT/Brasilia.

"Although I could only do parts of the lesson today, the effect is incredible. My slipped disk is barely painful at all." Reimond, pensioner.

To participate, register using this link. The Zoom link will be sent a few days ahead of the event.

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