It’s good. I’m loosening up!

Feedback from day 3 of the online functional movement training session, March 2021.

I’ve really enjoyed these sessions again with you, and you have run it really beautifully. I feel its been really good fun, and very beneficial.

Definitely my neck feels looser again so it is helping with that. And also, I’ve got lower back pain but that is also feeling a bit better than it was before the session.

Q: How often would you recommend we repeat these lessons? A: I would do an exercise every day. Because the simple fact of doing them is very health especially as we gain muscular tightness. Also, as you repeat the same lesson there will be different things that rise to the surface. … When you do and do and do, … suddenly you get this ‚click‘.

Commentary: I’ve had my own problems with movement (over the years) but I have been doing a lot of these lesson, and it really keeps you very supple and limber. And it does have a cumulative effect, when suddenly something improves in some other part of your body, which shows the joined up nature of these exercises .. through retraining of your natural movement patterns.

Its good. I feel like I’m loosening up. I’m feeling better.

I noticed Ben that after the first session I could get out of a chair vary easily, out of a low sofa. I felt I could rise much more easily without using my hands

I think I am a little bit more upright.

Well we are exhausted … Commentary: Basically concentrating is hard work, so it is a demonstration that you are not just going through the moves, but actually paying attention, which is creating change in your movement. Tiredness is a good sign that learning has happened. It’s never too late to learn.

Photo: Rosalie O’Connor / IFF

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