What is Feldenkrais®?

Feldenkrais® lessons are movement lessons where you learn to move better. People come to me to find a solution to pain, movement restrictions, physical sleep, breathing, seeing difficulties, etcetera. Others come to improve their general well being, or as a kind of ‚check up and service‘

For example, a musician who came to my class with repetitive-use arm pain became more supple and was then able to practice music pain free. How does this happen? Feldenkrais® is about training our bodies to move in a more ergonomic, functional way. In this case, the lesson I chose made all the body parts move together freely, which makes the whole body less stiff and takes the strain off one weak point.

Individual sessions (FI „Functional Integration“) (can be done online or in person)

  • Muscular and nervous tension is reduced
  • Movement patterns that may be causing pain are revealed
  • New alternatives are practiced
  • Self regulation through the nervous system is enhanced, such as for sleep, stress, and digestion

How does Feldenkrais® work? With movement exploration and self awareness. In a Feldenkrais® lesson we explore specific movements systematically. In the process, our brain recognizes better, more comfortable ways of moving. Our brain can then integrate these comfortable, ergonomic, efficient movements as permanent habits, replacing older habits. This is not exercising, but learning!

Single session£80
Three sessions£200
Ten sessions£500

Feldenkrais for children. Whilst many adults come to deal with pain and movement restrictions, I also work with children from age 0 to teenage. Many parents worry about their child, whether they are ’normal‘ or have special needs. Many kids benefit by improving how they interact with the world and with their own bodies. The Feldenkrais® Method can help children improve movement, coordination, social regulation, and self regulation. The Feldenkrais® Method is especially known for treating children with respect, meeting them eye to eye, working with them, not for or against them, and for listening to their needs. I developed my skills working at a school for multiply-handicapped children in Frankfurt, Germany.

For example, a 12 year old girl, disabled from birth with a genetic disorder, rapidly developed greater self awareness and as a consequence there were positive changes to her movement, sleep, biological self control, such as bladder control, mood and social interaction.

Single session£50
Four sessions in one month£160
Eight sessions in four months£300

Group Classes (ATM „Awareness Through Movement“)

©IFF, Rosalie O’Connor
  • Systematic exercises recreate natural movement patterns
  • The body learns better functional movement, more coordinated, precise and efficient
  • Stiff areas and forgotten zones reawaken. Typical functional movements that many adults have lost can be regained
  • Self-awareness increases, the body-mind health is supported
  • Organic functions (sleep, digestion, etc) are supported

Online Group Classes for Adults in English

Take place on Fridays every week, from 14th August 2020 during the school term:

10.00am (Berlin time)/ (9am UK time). Zoom Login: https://zoom.us/j/99615347724. Meeting ID: 996 1534 7724

Contact me with any questions or to register for a course. If you have questions, please contact me directly. I am happy to help.

Dial in: Click on the class link and download Zoom for free onto your phone or computer. Create your personal Zoom username and password. Approx. 10 minutes before the class, open the Zoom App and register on the Zoom-Meeting-Link. Enter the Meeting ID. And enter the meeting password which I will send you before each meeting.

Group class Prices

Trial class£0-£15
Single classes£20
Intensive Registration – six lessons in six consecutive weeks£75
Three month registration – five courses to be taken within three months£85

How I came to Feldenkrais®

I started Feldenkrais® in 1999 whilst in London. When I moved to Switzerland, I began taking regular classes. This was mainly to help me successfully overcome a tennis-elbow type of injury. Then, when my son was born with an orthopedic foot problem, I took him to Feldenkrais®. It helped him with walking, balance and posture. At the time I was working as a Shiatsu therapist and as a Pilates teacher. In 2012 I started the four year Feldenkrais® training program and now work primarily with Feldenkrais®, with adults and children with special needs.

I have experienced the transformative effects of Feldenkrais® myself which cured me of my ‚writer’s cramp‘. I have also seen how Feldenkrais® has helped many people I know to move better. The secret is that Feldenkrais® movement offers us the opportunity to explore movement with awareness. The brain takes this data in a feedback system to improve the way the body functions.

Kids Movement

I have set up a special group movement program for young children with my colleague, physiotherapist Miriam Großhennig. More details will follow after the Corona shut down.


In 1996 I began my career as a Shiatsu therapist. Shiatsu is Japanese acupressure massage, performed fully clothed. It helps people deal with physical and mental stress and is very powerful for relaxation. Send me an enquiry about Shiatsu.

Request information or register

Ben Parsons. bp @ potsdam-feldenkrais.com. Telefon: +49 (0)151 25862646

Fotos: Engin Akyurt @ Unsplash, Rosalie O’Connor IFF, Steve Harvey @ Unsplash

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