What is Feldenkrais®?

It’s amazing how something so small can have such a big effect.

The Feldenkrais® Method has been helping people move better, with less pain, and to recover lost abilities, for more than 70 years. Feldenkrais® uses micro- and macro-movements to reduce tension and poor body use, and to improve posture, freedom of movement, and ergonomic efficiency.

The thousands of movement exercises developed by Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais since 1952 are able to both improve physical issues, and also to help raise a person’s energy levels, reduce stress, and improve their organic functions like breathing and sleeping. Reduced tension and better movement efficiency usually help diverse physical problems like back, head or neck pain, immobile joints, and habitual muscular tension.

Improved physical comfort and a resulting ease means that doing Feldenkrais® can lead to an improvement in mood, thinking and being. In other words, Feldenkrais® addresses the link between the body and the mind.

How does the Feldenkrais® Methode work? Feldenkrais® uses guided awareness during movement to activate the learning center of the brain. In other words, Feldenkrais® moulds the neuro-plasticity of the brain. Doing a new movement with awareness means that the brain can rewire itself. In this way, effortful or inefficient movement habits can be replaced by long lasting, ergonomic and efficient movement ones.

Feldenkrais® sessions always build on pleasure and curiosity. Pleasure stimulates attention, curiosity, creativity and interest, which are all necessary for effective learning. Boredom, dull repetition, pain and strain are strenuously avoided, as these produce distraction and stress and inhibit learning.

Feldenkrais® has two forms, either individual sessions or group classes. Both usually last about an hour. Individual children’s sessions last 30-45 minutes. Sessions take place lying on a mat, or sometimes seated or standing. Participants wear comfortable clothing and socks.

Feldenkrais® individual and group sessions have a similar end result. Individual sessions are tailor made for the person, and the teacher or practitioner moves the student’s body in natural movement patterns. In group classes, the teacher tells the students what to do and they then carry them out themselves. The teacher does not demonstrate ‚the correct movement‘ because it is not about copying a ‚correct‘ movement, but about individual awareness, exploration and observation that is the only way that leads to a personalized improvement outcome for each person.

Ben Parsons has been doing Feldenkrais® for over 20 years, and became a certified teacher and practitioner in 2016. He did his training in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Since 2019 he has been studying JKA, the Jeremy Krauss Approach, helping children with developmental needs using the Feldenkrais® Method.

Individual Sessions (FI „Functional Integration“)

Single session£80
Three sessions£200
Ten sessions£500

Feldenkrais Individual FI sessions can be very effectively done over the internet for those who are not in the Berlin / Potsdam region.

Feldenkrais for children. Whilst many adults come to deal with pain and movement restrictions, I also work with children from age 0 to teenage. Many parents worry about their child, whether they are ’normal‘ or have special needs. Many kids benefit by improving how they interact with the world and with their own bodies. The Feldenkrais® Method can help children improve movement, coordination, social regulation, and self regulation. The Feldenkrais® Method is especially known for treating children with respect, meeting them eye to eye, working with them, not for or against them, and for listening to their needs. I developed my skills working at a school for multiply-handicapped children in Frankfurt, Germany.

For example, a 12 year old girl, disabled from birth with a genetic disorder, rapidly developed greater self awareness and as a consequence there were positive changes to her movement, sleep, biological self control, such as bladder control, mood and social interaction.

Feldenkrais® children’s sessions can be done over the internet for those who are not in the Berlin / Potsdam region. Using video conferencing, I will guide the parent in how to touch, hold and move their child in a therapeutic, pleasurably, exploring way.

Single session£50
Four sessions in one month£160
Eight sessions in four months£300

Group Classes (ATM „Awareness Through Movement“)

©IFF, Rosalie O’Connor

Online Group Classes for Adults in English

Take place on Fridays, 10am (Berlin time), (9am UK time). Zoom Login: https://zoom.us/j/99615347724. Meeting ID: 996 1534 7724

Please contact me directly. I am happy to answer your questions.

Dial in: Click on the class link and download Zoom for free onto your phone or computer. Create your personal Zoom username and password. Approx. 10 minutes before the class, open the Zoom App and register on the Zoom-Meeting-Link. Enter the Meeting ID. And enter the meeting password which I will send you before each meeting.

Group class Prices (payable by bank transfer)

Trial class£15
Single classes£20
Intensive Registration – six lessons in six consecutive weeks£75
Three month registration – five courses to be taken within three months£85

How I came to Feldenkrais®

I first did Feldenkrais® in 1999 in London. In 2002 I moved to Switzerland and took regular classes. This was mainly to help me successfully overcome a „writer’s cramp“ repetitive strain injury. Later, when my son was born with an orthopedic foot problem, we used Feldenkrais® to help improve his posture, walking, flexibility and balance. At that time I was a full-time Shiatsu therapist and Pilates teacher. In 2012 I started the four year, 800 hour professional Feldenkrais® training program. I now work primarily with Feldenkrais® with adults, and children with special needs. Since 2019 I have been studying JKA. The Jeremy Krauss Approach (JKA) for Children is a way of helping Special Needs Children learn, grow and develop. It focuses on helping Special Needs Children develop better use of their potential and abilities – physically, mentally and emotionally.

Kids Movement

I have set up a special group movement program for young children with my colleague, physiotherapist Miriam Großhennig. More details will follow after the Corona shut down.


In 1996 I began my career as a Shiatsu therapist, and Shiatsu remains extremely important for me. Shiatsu is Japanese acupressure massage, done on a futon mat on the floor, fully clothed. Shiatsu is good for stress relief, physical tensions, and energy blockages, according to the appraoch of chinese medecine. Book an appointment with me in Potsdam, Germany.

Ben Parsons. bp @ potsdam-feldenkrais.com. Telefon: +49 (0)151 25862646

Fotos: Rosalie O’Connor @ IFF, Steve Harvey @ Unsplash

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