Feldenkrais® is the antidote to many common challenges that come with today’s fast living and short attention. It helps many people to make a positive and long-lasting change to long standing problems that possibly developed through injury, accident, and lifestyle choices.

I use the Feldenkrais® Method to help people find a solution to pain and restrictions.

For example, a musician with arm pain became much more supple in one lesson and was able to practice afterwards without pain. How did this happen? A lesson that makes all the body parts move together freely makes the whole body less stiff and so takes the strain off one weak point.

My other specialty is helping children achieve the unachievable. When normally developing children or children with development difficulties, (from age 0 to teenage) need help with physical, social, and self regulation skills, the Feldenkrais® Method has the tools to help them improve.

For example, a girl disabled from birth with a genetic disorder, rapidly developed greater self awareness and as a consequence there was a positive change to her mood, social interaction, sleep, and bladder control. The Feldenkrais® Method is known for meeting children eye to eye and with respect, addressing their needs and really listening to them.

As a Feldenkrais® teacher, I give private and group lessons.

In Private Classes (FI Functional Integration)

  • Muscular and nervous tension is reduced
  • Movement patterns that may be causing pain are revealed
  • New alternatives are practiced
  • Self regulation through the nervous system is enhanced, such as for sleep, stress, and digestion

In Group Classes (ATM Awareness Through Movement)

  • Systematic exercises recreate natural movement patterns
  • The body learns better functional movement, more coordinated, precise and efficient
  • Stiff areas and forgotten zones reawaken. Typical functional movements that many adults have lost can be regained
  • Self-awareness increases, the body-mind health is supported
  • Organic functions (sleep, digestion, etc) are supported
©IFF, Rosalie O’Connor

Who was Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais?

Born in 1904, Moshe Feldenkrais ruined his knees playing football. Rather than choosing primitive surgery in the 1940s, he used his skills as a physicist, engineer, and auto-didactic genius to learn everything about childhood development, the human nervous system, learning theory and bio-mechanics. He analyzed and eliminated all that was wrong in his way of walking and learnt to walk pain free. For 40 years till his death in 1984 he created all sorts of solutions for the physical, emotional and social issues of other people, and created the movement principles and protocols that are now called the Feldenkrais® Method.

©IFF Archive, M. Wolgensinger

His well known collaborators and clients included NLP-originator Richard Bandler, violinist Yehudi Menuhin, the legendary theater director Peter Brook, Prime Minister David Ben Gurion, and many others including professional sportsmen and women, musicians, actors, and handicapped adults and children.

How does Feldenkrais® Method fit today’s needs?

When Moshe Feldenkrais theorised about learning theory, brain plasticity and the ability to learn one’s way to a personal, improved way of functioning, he was a pioneer and observing things that as yet had no name. Today, neuro-plasticity (rewiring the brain), learning by doing, the linking of cognition and behavior, and mindfulness are used by millions. Specifically, slow movement with mindful awareness stimulates the brain to explore options and discard poor functions. This means that it is possible to permanently replace old habits with new ways of acting. Moshe Feldenkrais said that his method aimed to help us learn how to learn.

How I came to Feldenkrais®

I first did Feldenkrais® in London in the late 1990s. However, when my son was born in 2006 with an orthopedic foot problem, I took him to a practitioner. Over the years, regular Feldenkrais® treatments have addressed and regulated this issue for him.

Already a movement and health specialist (Pilates & Shiatsu), in 2012 I decided to become a Feldenkrais® teacher. By 2018 I was doing a lot of group and private Feldenkrais® work myself. One day I realized with a shock that my arm pain (similar to ‚tennis elbow‘), that I had had for 15 years since 1993 had gone away. It has not come back. How did this come about? By doing lots of hours of Feldenkrais® movement, my body worked out for itself what movement patterns were inefficient. It discarded them, and that allowed good habits to come to the front again.

Foto: Unsplash. Lobostudio Hamburg


For class modalities and prices, please navigate to ‚Angebot‘ and send me an enquiry

Location: Group classes take place at various locations in Potsdam, 25 minutes south west of central Berlin. Private classes take place at my office in Potsdam.

Workshops and Special Events

If you are interested in having a health and wellness Feldenkrais workshop or regular classes at your workplace, club, or association, or with friends, please send me an enquiry.

Kids Movement

I have set up a special group movement program for young children with my colleague, physiotherapist Miriam Großhennig. Navigate to ‚Kids Movement‘ for details (in German).


In 1996 I began my career as a Shiatsu therapist. Shiatsu is Japanese acupressure massage, performed fully clothed. It helps people deal with physical and mental stress and is very powerful for relaxation. Send me an enquiry about Shiatsu.


In 2003 I began my career as a Pilates teacher. Trained in Oxford and Geneva in Stott Pilates, for 10 years I ran my own Pilates business in Geneva. Send me an enquiry about Pilates.


Contact me for a free consultation to learn more about how Feldenkrais® can help you.

0151 25 862646. bp @ potsdam-feldenkrais.com

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