Times and Prices

Group Classes
Trial class for new clients£15
Single class£20
6 lessons, in 6 consecutive teaching weeks without interruption£75
5 lessons, valid 6 months from date of first class£85
10 lessons, valid 10 months from date of first class£150
NB As group classes do not run in the school holidays, all the enrolment options above automatically extend over the regular holiday weeks (e.g. Easter, Christmas).
Private one-on-one sessions (live or online)Feldenkrais
Three session card£200
Ten session card£500
Children one-on-one sessions (live or online)
Single session£50
Series of nine sessions £270
Shorter sessions of 25-30 minutes £30


  • German language sessions are written in German or marked DE
  • English language sessions are written in English or marked Eng
  • All times are shown in central European time (CET/ Berlin).
  • For UK times, take one hour off.

Payment is by bank transfer. Please ask for the bank code.

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