The healthier the person, the more easily will he regain the conduct of his life after considerable sudden shocks

Dr Moshe Feldenkrais, 1979 in ´Embodied wisdom´

„The outstanding difference between (…) healthy people and the others is that they have found by intuition, genius, or had the luck to learn from a healthy teacher, that learning is the gift of life. A special kind of learning: that of knowing oneself. They learn to know „how“ they are acting and thus are able to do „what“ they want.“ M. Feldenkrais, On health. 1979.

„The individual life of intentional activity and reacting can more easily be changed through learning than through the more rigid structures … i.e. bones, muslces, nervous system, space-culture-time.“ M. Feldenkrais, Man and the World. 1978.

„So great is the ability of the nervous system that it creates order where instruments made of any other matter will register a blur. Just think of taking a photograph of a greyhound running toward you while you are sitting on a galloping horse.“ M. Feldenkrais, Man and the World. 1978.

„We, the person and I, have a common enemy: ignorance and chance, over which we have no say. Against that we have only one extraordinary means: the human nervous system, which is capable, in conjunction with other nervous systems, to form a kind of order which enables us to live in a hostile world.“ M. Feldenkrais, Interview, the Sun. 1977.

Image: Motoki Tonn / Unsplash

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