48 free movement lessons

How many people need to be in your audience when you start to feel a bit disembodied? 1? 10? 100?

How about 10,000 to 15,000?

When I was asked to teach at the global, online Feldenkrais® Move Better Feel Better event on May 1 & 2, I said „Yes“, of course.

And now there are more than 11,000 registrations. With one and 1/2 days to go,

…… I’m feeling quite nervous actually!

Sure, not everyone will go to every session in this 48 hour non-stop event, but my biggest audience so far was a #Toastmasters conference in #Barcelona with a ‚measly‘ 400 people.

Here is the event.

So what is it about?

I will be teaching a live 40 minute Feldenkrais lesson in this global event.

48 movement lessons from 42 master teachers all around the world, including myself! Where participants can put their body back together.

For free, participants can do one session, many sessions, join on catch-up, or buy the library of lessons to do by themselves later.

What will YOU receive if you register for free?

  • An awareness of how to manage pain and find a path to relief.
  • Practical tips and exercises to decrease effort, stress, and movement and lifestyle tips for feeling whole again.
  • Practical tools to increase flexibility, mobility, and ease of movement.
  • An understanding of, and possibly a solution to, the habits that keep you in a cycle of chronic pain.

Host Cynthia Allen writes „How can it be that as young toddlers, we moved so beautifully with no signs of unease but as adults, we often struggle to feel delight or grace within our everyday movements?

Over the years we accumulate the stresses of life. We have injuries and develop compensatory habits.

Can we return to enjoying movement? To feeling graceful?

Doing the Movement lessons in this free, online event, you will find lessons that melt years away, that will bring a smile to your face, and that let you discover easier ways to move.

There is still time as I write, to join for free.

Here is the link: move better, feel better.

Image: chen zo @ Unpsplash.

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