Parkinsons. How moving (dance) helps you move (walk)

One feature of Parkinson’s disease is stopping still in your tracks and being unable to kick start the next movement. Imagine standing at the pedestrian crossing and being unable to make your foot swing forward, or standing at the cash till with people queuing behind.

In The Brain’s Way of Healing, Norman Doidge tells the story of the South African John Pepper who ‚cured‘ himself so well that the medical community went on to claim that he had never been ill at all.

Man walks off Parkinsons Symptoms

The Feldenkrais Method is also used by many sufferers of Parkinsons to restore some of their physical function.

By chance, just now I had the pleasure of listening to an entrancing radio program on the BBC about a way for Parkinson’s sufferers to solve some of their difficulties. Dance is being used to help people initiate movement. This entrancing BBC radio program tells the personal stories of a group of wo/men with Parkinsons disease, who find a solution. It’s 25 minutes well spent.

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