How Feldenkrais provides a route out of pain and limits. US News reports…

US News writes „One of the most difficult aspects of dining out for Maria Lee wasn’t deciding what to order or calculating whether she could spare the expense. It was getting up from her chair. „[Anyone else] might just put the chair back and, with equal weight on both feet, use the legs and core to stand up. Well, I can’t do that,“ says Lee.

What changed? … Lee credits the Feldenkrais Method … with enhancing her quality of life. „[Feldenkrais] is a different modality; you have to be patient, but over time, a little bit at a time, I saw vast improvements,“

„It’s really been a miracle for me.“

Read the article here:

PS. Felden-what?

What is Feldenkrais? „Trying to categorize the method is more difficult than illustrating its wide-ranging benefits. Some liken it to mindfulness meditation, but with more noise and movement. Or, they say it’s like yoga, but not so structured. It’s like physical therapy, but not so treatment-focused. It’s like massage, but not so passive. It’s like tai chi, but not so choreographed. „In Feldenkrais, you forget about goals; there is no perfectionism,“ says Gerhild Ullmann, a Feldenkrais practitioner and research assistant professor at the University of Memphis School of Public Health. „You just listen to your own body.“

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