The Map

„In order to have a map you have to explore“.

György Buzsáki. 2018

2020 is the most challenging year for mental and physical health on record. 2020 is not going to go away. What matters is how to navigate 2020. There is no map to follow, but a map to be made. Neither maps nor solutions come from nowhere. It is necessary to move in order to create the map, it is necessary to do something. It is necessary to move, in the broader sense of the word.

In this fascinating video of György Buzsáki, I see a link between 21st Century neuroscience and the philosophy and practice of the Feldenkrais Method. Feldenkrais is a way of connecting the mind and body.

In the 1950s to 1980s Moshe Feldenkrais mentioned many of the concepts discussed here by Buzsáki in 2018.

„the only something else that exists is action“ (9min01)

„in order to have a map you have to explore“ (20min55)

György Buzsáki MD, PhD

If you don’t move nothing will happen (p79 1981). … The mental and physical components of any action are two different aspects of the same function (p19 1964)… Life is movement. If we act, if we move, we exist. If we don’t move, we are dead. (p179 1976). … I’ve never seen a person who didn’t think, feel, sense and move as one action – I never met one where those things were separate. (p203 1977).

Moshe Feldenkrais PhD. Collected writings and interviews in Embodied Wisdom

Photo: IFF. Moshe Feldenkrais, Karl Pribram, Margaret Mead. 1977.

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