Relaxing your eyes, Vision Workshop

Zoom-fatigue, overwork, tension headaches and scratchy eyes are quite common effects of long working hours. Paradoxically, Zoom is a great tool for relaxing the eyes and getting the vision comfortable again.

Yesterday I ran a 90 minute workshop, hosted by Standortmanagement Golm and Potsdam Science Park Welcome Service. Participants learned effective strategies for managing their own visual comfort at the computer and in the home-office.

It was great to hear participant feedback. „This was phenomenally relaxing“. „I feel so relaxed I don’t want to look at the screen right now“. It’s important to balance work and relaxation. The Feldenkrais Method exercises I used are a great tool for finding balance and relieving tired eyes.

This is one in a series of corporate workshops that I offer in English, German and French. Others topics include finding better posture in home-office; preventing or alleviating Mouse Hand and overuse strains; and getting habitually better back and neck comfort whilst sitting. Send a message to find out more about possible corporate seminars. See you soon online, or live in your office.

Foto: Lydz Leow @ Unsplash

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