Webinar_ Work Related arm disorders. Change your habits and reduce or avoid pain

  • What_ Online webinar in 3 parts
  • Where_ Zoom
  • When_ Monday 12, 19, 26 July at 19:10-20:00 London time (20:10 Berlin).
  • Cost_ 45€ includes all three sessions and the recordings
  • Tickets

Arm and hand pain, and typing and mousing often go together. There are different conditions with different names, like Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), Work Related Upper Limb Disorder (WRULD), focal dystonia, Carpal Tunnel syndrome, Mouse-hand, tennis elbow, writer’s cramp, etcetera.

Sufferers typically report muscle tension, pain and problems doing fine motor coordination using the fingers, for example. What is strange is that whilst one action, like typing, can be fine, another, like writing, that uses the same body part can be dysfunctional. Failing to get answers from traditional sources, with no clear consensus amongst professional for cause or cure, sufferers often search on the internet by themselves.

I myself suffered a focal dystonia or RSI whilst at university. I found the solution for my condition by learning to rebalance the work of the large core, and small peripheral muscles by using movement awareness. This work was called the Feldenkrais® Method, and I have used it to help others with RSI or similar conditions.

The exercises in this practical webinar will take you on an inner journey of sensory awareness in order to see and feel how you move, from your pelvis to your finger tips.

The goal is to become aware of your posture and body use. Awareness sends sensory feedback to the brain, which can then change the way it responds to trigger actions like typing and mousing.

The online workshop takes place on Zoom and will be recorded, so that you can redo the lesson or to catch up if you miss a session. The three sessions last 50 minutes each. Afterwards there will be an opportunity to stay online for questions and answers.

Following registration and receipt of the course fee, you will receive the link to the workshop.

Although I am based in Berlin, many of my participants come from the UK, Switzerland and USA. So if you experience any problems whatsoever with the registration and payment process, just send me a personal message and I will sort it out for you.

Image: Foad Roshan @ Unsplash

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